Noisy faucets

“My faucet is noisy! Make it stop!!!"

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A noisy faucet can be frustrating to a homeowner and a little frightening for guests that are not expecting it. When you turn on your faucet and hear a hammering, clattering, whistling or squealing sound, it means it’s time to get it fixed. Fortunately, most noisy faucets are relatively easy DIY repair job, but not always.

Here are some things to look for with a noisy faucet:

Check your aerator

First, check your aerator. This is the easiest problem to repair so it should be the first thing you check. The aerator is the screen that goes on the tip of the faucet. The noise could be caused by a mineral buildup. Simply unscrew and remove the aerator and run the faucet. If the noise is gone, you know that’s the problem. Just purchase a new one and install it. If the noise continues, you’ll have to take the faucet apart and keep trying to find the solution.

Check your washers

Another common problem to look for is worn-out or incorrectly-sized washers. Rubber washers tend to age, harden and make noises as water rushes over them. Turn off the water at the shut-off valve and take the faucet apart. Simply take out the old washer and inspect it to see if it is damaged, worn, loose or flattened and replace it with a new washer that is the right fit for the faucet. Also check the screws as you take apart the faucet and replace any that are damaged with new ones before putting it back together. Hopefully, these steps will fix the noise. If not, the hunt continues.

Do you have high water pressure?

High water pressure can also be the cause of strange sounds in your plumbing, causing your water pipes to clang and clatter. If you think this may be the issue, try testing it with an inexpensive pressure gauge. If it reads over 80-PSI, this may be your problem. Try installing a pressure regulator on your main water line, which should help reduce the noise and protect your pipes and appliances from damage caused by high water pressure.

If you just don't know, call a pro

Unfortunately, if the above steps don’t fix the noise, you could have a problem with your pipes. Sometimes pipes are fitted too small, improperly installed, or blocked by mineral deposits and debris that stop water from getting through properly. In the event that you need your pipes completely replaced, this is one “fix-it” job you don’t want to do yourself. Call an A#1 Air Plumbing pro. We're happy to answer any of your questions about pipes, general plumbing, and much more.


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