5 Common Home Plumbing Problems You Can DIY

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Whether you’re a brand new homeowner or you’ve been living in the same home for years, it’s important to know which home plumbing problems you can tackle without the costly help of a pro!

If you’re tired of spending money on plumbing repairs, check out these 5 easy and cost-effective home hacks that’ll fix up your most common plumbing problems.

1. Stop A Running Toilet
Tired of listening to that endless drip of a running toilet? Most homeowners tend to get used to the sound and ignore it, or they get angry and jiggle the flushing handle in order to make it stop. However, a worn toilet tank flapper is usually the culprit.

2. Unclog Your Drain Like A Pro
Skip the heavy chemicals in Drano and instead clean your drains out like a professional with a drain snake. These amazing (nearly magical!) products come in various lengths for different price points. (You can find some for as little as $2.00 at Wal-Mart!) They work quickly and efficiently at removing stubborn drain clogs. Best of all, you can use your drain snake over and over again, saving you money on this no-chemical solution.

3. Fix A Dripping Showerhead
Nothing ruins a relaxing hot shower faster than a dripping showerhead. Homeowners will usually take this as a sign that a new showerhead is needed, but there’s no reason to waste your money when you can use a fast and cheap solution: strengthen the showerhead thread connection with plumber’s tape. It’s cheap, and it works!

4. Unclog Your Showerhead
Love cooking with apple cider vinegar? Now you’ll love repairing your plumbing problems with the tasty, healthy elixir! To clear up a clogged showerhead, just unscrew it and let it soak overnight in a bowl of apple cider vinegar. The acids in the vinegar will help breakdown any buildup!

5. Avoid Garbage Disposal Odors
Hate those stinky smells wafting from your garbage disposal? Keep your kitchen smelling like a Pinesol commercial with this cheap plumbing trick: freeze an icecube tray of lemon juice and lemon peels for delicious-smelling DIY garbage disposal cleaning cubes. Just take a lemon ice cube out and run it down the drain!

Are you dealing with a home plumbing issue that’s too big to tackle yourself?

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