A#1 Air HVAC Holiday Tips

HVAC Holiday Tips

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The holidays are here, and many of us will be having guests at our homes. After having bought all the gifts to surprise our friends and loved ones with, the last thing we need are unwanted surprises…like exorbitant holiday energy bills. Tis the season to lose a lot of energy, especially where our heating system is concerned. That’s why we’re offering some handy tips to stay comfortable and help save money during the holiday festivities:

Don’t have revolving doors

While it may be cold, people still will venture out on the patio or deck to look at Christmas lights or have some alone time. Try to keep the party going either in or out of the home but not both, as constantly going in or out can put a strain on your heating system and can increase your energy bills.

Turn your thermostat down

With the oven going and more people in the home, there will naturally be more heat. So you can save money and keep guests comfortable by lowering the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees.

Replace your filters in advance

Many people have allergies or other breathing conditions. So it’s important to have clean filters to fight against allergens, dirt, debris and other air particles in your home. Dirty filters also decrease airflow, which can cost you money on your energy bills.

Don’t cover your thermostat

There are a lot of social media posts with DIY tips on how to cover your thermostat for the holidays. Don’t follow them. Your thermostat should be exposed to gauge your home’s temperature so you don’t sacrifice comfort or waste energy.

Keep holiday lights away from your thermostat

Having a tree or other light decorations next to your thermostat can cause a false reading of your home’s temperature.

Don’t block​​​​​​​ your air vents

People tend to ignore air vents by moving furniture to allow for trees and other decorations. When your air vents are blocked, your blower works harder. Keep all objects away from your air vents. Also, if you have a natural tree, putting it close to air vents can dry it out quicker, causing a potential fire hazard.

And remember, at A#1 Air, we never charge for overtime, regardless of the season. So if you have problems this season, don’t hesitate to call. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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