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Solar Energy Benefits for Your Home

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Solar energy is one of the most abundant energy resources on the planet. There are many benefits for your home to use solar solutions. Not only can you help the environment by using a clean, sustainable energy source, but you can also help your wallet by saving money.

Solar energy: What is it and how does it work?

Solar energy comes from, you guessed it - the sun! Each particle of sunlight contains energy that provides fuel. Theoretically, enough solar radiation hits our planet’s surface every day to meet our global energy needs for an entire year.

Solar energy can be harnessed using solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into usable energy. Solar panel installation continues to be more and more affordable, which means it has the potential to become the global energy source of the future.

Solar energy can be harnessed using solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into usable energy.

The United States is a hotspot for solar power. Most states fall into the good-to-great range for solar resources. And that hot Metroplex sun beating down on you is pretty much a guarantee that solar power is the right fit for your home.

Save money by going solar

A big advantage of going solar is that it may save you money. How much money is dependent on several factors:

  • The amount of energy you consume and local electricity rates
  • The size of your solar energy system
  • If you buy or rent your system
  • How many direct hours of daily sunlight you get in your area
  • Size and angle of your roof

Your system could potentially pay for itself within 5-7 years, after which you’ll be enjoying cost-effective solar electricity for the next 25+ year lifespan of your system. Solar energy is a low-risk, long-term investment for your future.

In addition to saving money on your electric bills, switching to solar energy may improve the value of your home. Solar panels are viewed as one of the biggest home improvement upgrades you can make to increase your home’s value.

How to take advantage of solar energy on your property

At A#1 Air, the process is simple and starts with a free solar savings analysis. Our Solar Specialists gather data to evaluate if solar is a good fit. We will conduct an on-site survey of your home and develop a professional design to meet your specific needs. Our solar specialists care about you and your home and will provide a seamless installation.

A#1 Air Solar is committed to providing high quality and reliable options for your residential energy needs. Ready to make the switch? Contact us today!

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