summer electrical safety tips

Summer Electrical Safety Tips - Go with the Pros

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Summer in Texas brings serious heat. Whether you’re spending your time chilling in the house, or catching some rays outside, you need to keep safety on the top of your Summer to-do list. You may not think too much about electrical safety, but this is not something you want to ignore. A#1 Air’s Service Director, Rob, shares a few tips that you can use in your home this season.


indoor electrical safety tips

What are some indoor electrical safety tips?

Keeping your children and pets safe is high priority, so make sure your extension cords and appliance cords are safely tucked away.
Be aware when dealing with water, such as bathtubs, showers, sinks, etc. When you're near water, make sure you’re not touching anything that is electric, because doing so may result in electrocution. Teaching your children and loved ones this tip may help prevent serious injury.

outdoor electrical safety tips for children and pets

What are some outdoor tips for children and pets?

Just as important as indoor safety, make sure there is no contact with electric devices when near pools, sprinklers, and other areas that may be wet. Also, take a look at the electrical outlets that any of your outdoor appliances are plugged into, as these should be GFCI protected outlets.

electrical savings tips

What are some electrical tips to save on energy bills?

One simple tip that we’ve all heard before, is to turn off lights in rooms that you’re not using! Luckily for the tech savvy, there are apps and smart switches for that age old advice.

smart electrical pro tips

Smart switches enable you to easily control your lights with your smartphone. You can also use light switch timers, which can automatically adjust the lights.

why you shouldn't DIY your electrical

Why shouldn’t you DIY when it comes to electrical?

Before diving into details, the simple fact is that electricity is dangerous. It’s imperative to know what you’re doing, what wires you’re touching, what’s hot, and what’s not. The bottom line is electricity isn’t something you want to mess with! One mistake can be disastrous, and it’s not worth the risk. Call a professional!

If you need electrical services, contact us right away. You and your family's safety is our concern, so please leave the work to the pros! We are experts in air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and more.

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