John, Highway2Hellcat Finalist

Meet the Hellcat Finalists - John from The Colony

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Over the last few months, we've had a crazy ride on the Highway to Hellcat! Along the way, we've given away loads of prizes--including HVAC systems, a tankless water heater, a full home security system, Nests thermostats, AC tune-ups, service credits, and more!  We have one final lap to go, where we'll give away Richard Rawlings' 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat!  With 10 Grand Prize Finalists and 1 Wildcat Finalist attending our Hellcat Giveaway event on May 15th, who will drive away with it?  Our Wildcat Finalist will be announced on our social channels on May 5th! Cinco de Mayo just got more bueno!

Let's meet John from The Colony, who picked up his Hellcat finalist spot through our busy social channels. He joins the lucky Circle of Finalists along with Don from Dallas, Stephen from Arlington, Tricia from Euless, Rick from Frisco, Rochelle from Frisco, David from Justin, and Michelle from Frisco,

Why do you want to win this car in particular?
I want to win this car in particular because I have been a family man for the past 15 years driving cars suitable for the family. I always wanted a muscle car like this growing up. This will be the first time to be able to own and drive a car like the Hellcat! My sons and daughter also think it is pretty cool.

How did you hear about the contest?
I heard about the contest through one of your employees. I am not a current customer, but may need some work done soon.

If you win...

Where is the 1st place you will drive the Hellcat?

If I win, the first place I’ll drive is to the high school to pick up my son.  He will be blown away!  Next I’ll drive to the local sports fields to watch my other son and daughter play a game.

Who is the 1st person you'd put in the passenger seat?
The first person I would put in the passenger seat would be my wife Shannon…that is if I can beat her to the drivers seat!

What question would you most like to ask Richard Rawlings or Aaron Kaufman?
For Richard - What has been your greatest challenge and reward starting Gas Monkey? And, if you could only own one car what would it be?

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce our last few finalists and make our Wildcat Finalist announcement on May 5th.  It could be you!  Everyone who created a game account before the April 30th deadline is automatically entered into our "Wildcat" drawing to be a finalist to win the Hellcat!  As Richard Rawlings would say "GET YOU SOME OF THAT!"

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