Electrical Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Electrical Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

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Did you know that every day, almost seven children are treated in emergency rooms for shock or burn injuries caused by wall outlets? Astoundingly, around 70% of these injuries happen under adult supervision in the home.

If you have babies, toddlers or even older children at home, there are many potential electrical hazards that can pose a serious threat to them. Electricity is dangerous, and it’s critical that your children are protected. The following are some important electrical safety tips for you and your children:

Use outlet covers

You should have outlet covers over every single outlet in your home. Often, children will try to insert items into outlets, so keep them covered at all times.

Notice any hazards in bathrooms

The bathroom can be one of the most potentially dangerous places in your home for electrical hazards. Appliances such as hair dryers and electrical razors are used in bathrooms, often close to water. After use, safely store all bathroom appliances and make sure children don’t have access to them.

Don’t allow kids to use appliances near a pool

If a working appliance falls into a pool with someone in it, this could be disastrous.

Don’t let children put metal objects in the microwave

Not only can this be a danger to your child, it can permanently damage your microwave.

Hide electrical cords

Cords can be very dangerous to children as they connect to outlets. Another risk they pose is choking. So always keep cords either out of sight or up high where children can’t reach them.

Teach children not to tug on cords

Small children have no business near cords, but if you have older children who use them, make sure they know how to unplug cords directly from the outlet. Many children (and even adults) will tug on cords, which can cause damage and the potential for electrical hazards.

Keep night lights out of reach

Night lights that look like cartoon characters or animals are often fun for children to play with, which is why they’re especially dangerous. Keep them out of reach to prevent your children from being shocked or burned.

Inspect older appliances

If you have older appliances, they may have frayed or scorched cords. It’s important to replace these items, as they’re not only dangerous for children, but they can potentially cause fires.

Tell your kids not to climb trees near power lines

This can be a dangerous situation that can cause serious electrocution.

Educate your children

As soon as your children are able to understand, teach them about electrical dangers and how to avoid them.

If you have an infant or toddler at home, it’s a good idea to call A#1 Air Electrical. One of our certified technicians will perform a thorough electrical safety inspection, and offer additional tips that pertain to your home’s electrical system.

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