Fleet Technology Improves A#1 Air Customer Service

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Over the last 25 years, we’ve grown from one truck to over 150 company vehicles in all shapes and sizes. Through that growth, we realized that investing in solid and consistent fleet management technology was the key to keeping our vehicles well-maintained, dispatch running efficiently, keeping accidents low and driver’s safe, and improving the overall customer experience.

Ken Kapson, A#1 Air’s Fleet Manager, depends on Geotab to help keep the fleet running, and it aids in getting the right tech to the right house, safely and efficiently.  We like to consider it Ken’s Assistant Fleet Manager.

Before making the investment in the Geotab technology, we considered other telematics systems and weighed the overall benefits to our company and customers.  Geotab not only allows us to keep our customers up to date in real-time. Offering costs saving benefits, it also enabled us to become more efficient in our routing.  Streamlining our routing allows us to get to our customer’s homes quicker, while reducing overall emissions, and it provides real-time updates and data of our employees driving habits, safety and whereabouts.

Here are our favorite features of the Geotab technology and how they have helped us improve our customer experience.

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Geotab gives us the big picture when it comes to managing the fleet. We are able to watch all of our vehicles move on a map in real-time. Take a closer look and we can see all the data – including speed levels, route taken, and much more. Geotab gives us the most advanced insights into all of our driver’s on-road performance, leaving us with data to continue making safety, routing and vehicle maintenance improvements.

Better Trip Planning with Route Optimization

We’ve made great progress in effectively dispatching drivers with Geotab's route optimization tool. Reducing fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions, and increasing our operational efficiency. As a company, we know how important it is to make our customer’s comfortable as quickly as possible.

Risk & Safety Reports and Driver Ratings

We are able to see who is driving safely and who needs improvement. Risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver and are based on key indicators - speeding, seatbelt usage, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over-acceleration, and after-hours vehicle use. Based on real-time data we can pinpoint areas where we can provide additional training to drivers to improve our safety in the community.

Reduce Fuel Costs: Idling, Speeding, Mileage

We have many cost savings benefits, savings we can pass along to our customers. We’ve reduced fuel costs by managing driver behaviors, such as excessive speeding or idling, and view this information in real-time within Geotab's web-hosted reporting environment.

Geotab is just one technology we have invested in for the benefit of the customer.  As part of an ongoing series, A#1 Air-Invested In You, we will be sharing an insider’s look into the tools and technologies we have invested in to improve our efforts to bring comfort to our customers when they need it.  All of the tools featured help us keep our promise to you, “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night!”

If you need a truck in our fleet dispatched to your home, you can reach us at 1-800-NEW-COOL or fill out a service request anytime, day or night. Be sure to check out our current specials.



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