A#1 Air Energy Savings Tips 2018

Money Savings Tips for Lower Energy Bills

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Although it may have missed you, January 10th was “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.” This was an important day, as it highlighted the energy-saving tips that can both help save you money, and the planet. Remember, every little bit counts.

The following are some valuable tips to help you save energy:

Give your water heater a break

The more you turn down your water heater, the more you reduce your energy costs. We recommend you keep your water heater on the warm setting (120°F). Other helpful tips include running your dishwasher and clothes washer only when you have a full load, and shorten the duration of your showers.

Upgrade an older model water heater

New Energy Star-rated tank modes can save you up to 7% on your energy bills. Tankless models can save up to 30%. Or consider a hybrid model that can literally save you up to 60%!

Use lights only when needed

Be sure to turn off lights whenever you leave a room. To ensure everyone gets into this energy-saving habit, consider investing in occupancy sensors.

Upgrade from incandescent to LED lightbulbs

You may be able to save up to 75% on lighting costs!

Don’t let energy be a real drain

By using power strips or unplugging appliances and chargers when not in use, you may see significant savings.

Out with the old appliances, in with the new

Older appliances, especially those manufactured prior to 1980, can use more energy than most of us know. Consider buying new Energy Star-approved models.

Plug leaks

Add caulk, weather stripping and spray foam around your windows, doors, pipes, and electrical openings to prevent or seal leaks. Believe it or not, some leaks could be using as much energy as actually leaving a window open.

Switch to a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature in each room at the touch of a button, whether you’re at home or away. The energy savings can really add up.

Don’t forget your heating and AC tune-ups

Depending on your usage, your HVAC system can account for more than 40% of monthly energy costs. Tune-ups twice a year will help ensure you get the most efficiency and longevity from your system.

Consider a new HVAC system

If your system is over ten years old, replace it with a newer high-SEER system. You’ll be amazed at the potential savings on your energy bills.


If you need a new water heater, programmable thermostat, tune-up or quote on a new system, call A#1 Air today. Our pros will find the right options to meet your needs and your budget.

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