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Is My Hot Water Heater Going Out?

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Imagine yourself stepping into the shower, expecting to be welcomed by a stream of warm water pouring from over head. Instead the water is freezing, leaving you shivering and shocked. Even though you use it every day, it’s easy to neglect and forget about your faithful water heater helping to keep your home comfortable and stress free.  With routine maintenance and checks, your water heater can stay in great, working condition for years. But how do you know if your water heater is going out?
Are You Seeing Brown or Orange?

One indication may be orange or brown water, which can be caused by rust and corrosion from the inside of the tank, pipes, or other parts of the system. With continuous use and a constant heated temperature, the accumulation of rust may increase over time, leaving you with some funky-colored water.

Snap, Crackle, or Pop

After using your water heater for a few years, you may start to hear some odd noises coming from it. These noises may be the result of minerals accumulating and being moved around the tank during use. Sure it may be annoying, but take it as a sign that you may need to have it inspected before you find yourself dealing with possible flooding from a blockage!

Age Does Matter

Unfortunately, some things don’t get better with age and this includes your hot water heater. Since your hot water heater is used so frequently, it’s no surprise that age matters when it comes to repairs or having to fully replacing the unit. In many cases, hot water heaters will have 5-10 years of warranty coverage and can be expected to last at least this long with proper care. If your hot water heater reaches the tender age range of 15-20 years, and becomes noisy and inconsistent with hot water temperatures, then your unit may need replacement.

Simply put, if your hot water heater is noisy, producing strange colored water, and is inconsistent with water temperatures, then you need to have it replaced.  Other issues may include leaks and strange smelling water, which may further the need for replacement. By having your old and aged hot water heater replaced, you may enjoy an increase in energy efficiency and various other perks. For any questions you may have about hot water heater repair or installation, just let us at A#1 Air Plumbing know. And definitely check out our plumbing specials.

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