Product Spotlight - 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat

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It's been nearly five years since the Nest Learning Thermostat hit the market, and we've seen some amazing advancements in the Smart Home industry as a whole. There are so many new smart home products out there today, and a great chunk of them work with Nest products. It's no surprise that Nest has kept improving their flagship product, so without further adieu, let's meet the 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat.


3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat, A#1 Air, Inc. Dallas, Fort Worth

Larger Display

Probably the most apparent update to the thermostat is a much larger (40% bigger) and incredibly clear display. You’ll also notice that the unit is thinner than past models. The sensor window on the bottom of the face has been reduced in size, to make room for the much larger display. In total, the new Nest Thermostat has 10 temperature sensors for improved accuracy.


Farsight is a cool new feature that enables your Nest Thermostat to display helpful information at a glance. You can be up to 20 feet away and as close as 3 feet to activate this feature. Depending on what you’ve chosen to display, you can easily view target or current room temperatures, analog clock, digital clock, or weather and forecast.

The display is smart enough to adjust the information shown as well, so if you’re farther away from the thermostat, it won’t show information that you won’t be able to read. Also, the thermostat knows when not to use Farsight, such as the event that the battery levels are running low, so that you maintain control of your heating and cooling system.

Nest Sense, A#1 Air Inc. Dallas, Fort Worth

Nest Sense

Along with new hardware features, Nest Sense continues to make huge leaps in defining what it means to have a true "Learning Thermostat." The Nest Sense features below are what make this thermostat stand out.


Airwave shuts off your air conditioner's compressor a few minutes before reaching your targeted temperature. At this point, the fan will run until it reaches your desired temperature. This helpful feature gives the Nest Learning Thermostat the ability to learn exactly how much cooling can be achieved after the compressor shuts off. Airwave learns this pattern, and your Nest Thermostat learns when to automatically shut off your compressor at the right time to increase your energy savings while maintaining your comfort.


Sunblock uses the Nest Thermostat's light sensor and the temperature sensors toto learn the sun’s patterns and detect heat spikes from direct sunlight exposure. If your Nest Thermostat is connected to your home's Wi-Fi, it’ll also utilize sunrise and sunset info for your area. Sunblock then uses this information to set your thermostat to the correct temperature, even when it’s in direct sunlight.

Cool to Dry

Cool to Dry allows your Nest Learning Thermostat to use your air conditioner to reduce excessive humidity levels and help create a healthier environment in your home, even when you're not there. This feature can be used with any air conditioner, but it may work differently depending on whether or not your system has its own dehumidification capabilities.

Early On

Early On calculates exactly when to begin cooling or heating so your home will reach the target temperature you’ve set in your thermostat schedule, right on time. In order to do this, your Nest Thermostat intelligently uses weather and other information that it has learned about your home. Do you want to come home to a warm and cozy house after a chilly day? Early On will learn the best time to turn up the heat so you will come home to a wonderfully warm house.

True Radiant

If you have an in-floor radiant or boiler-and-radiator system, the True Radiant feature will help keep your home more comfortable. In order to do this, it reduces swings in temperature and starts heating early so you get the temperature you want at any time.

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Balance is for homes with a heat pump and auxiliary heat. This feature lets you choose how much auxiliary heat to use according to your comfort or savings preferences. If you have a heat pump, your Nest Learning Thermostat will ensure that it keeps up with cold temperatures, otherwise it will activate AUX heat to keep you warm and toasty.

Nest Certified Professionals. A#1 Air Dallas, Fort Worth

Get it from the Pros

The 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat is undeniably cool. With a wide range of new features, you will find that this Nest is an outstanding choice for savvy homeowners. As with any HVAC product, we highly recommend having your Nest Learning Thermostat installed by a professional. While the installation may seem easy, there are many factors that must be considered in order to truly maximize the power of the Nest Thermostat with your system. Not every HVAC system is the same, so there is no true one-size-fits-all installation. As Nest Certified Professionals, our team at A#1 Air are happy to make sure that you get the most out of your Nest Learning Thermostat, guaranteed. If you are interested in bringing smart home technology into your home with Nest, let us take care of the install. Get it here, today.



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