2016 North Texas HVAC Pro Challenge

Get Ready for the Home Pro Challenge!

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The Home Pro Challenge

Over the past 25 years, the team here at A#1 Air have been the providers of comfort and customer service excellence for thousands of customers all across North Texas. We have held ourselves to our promise to do what is right for our customers, day or night. We believe in high-quality work, and even higher quality employees. This is why we put so much focus into hiring and developing service professionals who have humbly dedicated their careers to improving the lives of every homeowner that they serve. This unwavering commitment to quality is the sole factor that has led to the creation of the Home Pro Challenge. The 2016 North Texas HVAC Pro Challenge is our way of giving back to the hardest working technicians all across North Texas. We want to raise the bar for the home services industry by proudly recognizing local companies who have employed the friendliest and the brightest home service professionals out there.

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Non-Recruitment Event

One of the most important points that we want to drive home about the Home Pro Challenge is that this is a 100% non-recruitment event. We are putting the North Texas HVAC Pro Challenge together to use as a vehicle to bring never-before-seen levels of competence and integrity to the HVAC industry. We hope that the event will be a great leap for improving industry business practices, sales tactics, and create a prosperous and bright future for every hard-working, honest technician in the field.

The Exam

The 100 question exam will be created and administered by Retail Ready Career Center, comprising of questions covering technical knowledge, local code enforcement, and customer service skills. The exam will last 1-2 hours, depending on how quickly the technician is able to answer each question. We firmly believe that the best technicians in the industry are those who exhibit deep knowledge of theory, and have a greater understanding of the science behind the machines and equipment they work with every day. We encourage every HVAC technician to take the exam, not only for a chance to win the grand prize, but for the invaluable experience of being surrounded by the most competent and professional techs for a few hours.

Amazing Prizes

The North Texas HVAC Pro Challenge grand prize will be rewarded to the technician who completes the exam with the highest score, and in the fastest time. We have two brackets that technicians can compete in. Techs with more than 2 years of experience are eligible to compete for the Grand Prize of up to $20,000 cash. Technicians with less than 2 years of experience are eligible for a cash prize of up to $10,000. We also have other prizes for HVAC technicians of all levels of experience, including HVAC tools, complete home comfort systems from Daikin and Lennox, and smart home products from NEST.

We go above and beyond to develop our technicians to be the best in the industry, every single day. But we don’t do this only to benefit our techs, our customers, and our company. We do this so we can raise the bar, and the expectation for all HVAC companies in the industry. Whether we like to hear it or not, there seems to be a stigma placed on air conditioning companies and their technicians, and we must overcome this problem together. To every diligent and sincere HVAC technician out there, we hope that you will feel a sense of pride in your work and feel confident in your knowledge to take on any task that this job throws at you. We challenge you to join the North Texas HVAC Pro Challenge and see what it truly means to be an HVAC professional in 2016.

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