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How Does Ductwork Affect Airflow?

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Your HVAC system produces crisp, clean air that keeps you cool during the hot summer season, and warm during the cold winter season. But how does this air get distributed throughout every room in your home? You can thank your ductwork for handling that. Airflow is very important for effectively cooling your home, so it’s no surprise that a quality ductwork installation is a wise investment. There are many aspects of your ductwork that need to be taken into account in order to maximize your comfort and keep your AC system running smoothly. It's crucial to keep in mind the correct sizing and measurement requirements of the ductwork for your home.

When you are having ductwork installed, it should be properly sized in order to provide your home with the proper cooling and heating requirements. Undersized ducts can cause tremendous strain on your system while oversized ducts can increase operational costs.

Undersized ducts can cause tremendous strain on your system while oversized ducts can increase operational costs.

Potential Problems From Incorrect Duct Sizing

If your ductwork is incorrectly sized, it can have a negative impact on the comfort of your home. Not only that, but it may lead to a lengthy list of potential problems with your HVAC system in the future. You may experience excessive noise, elevated humidity, indoor fan motor failure, and more.
Potential Problems From Incorrect Duct Sizing, A#1 Air, Inc. Dallas, Fort Worth
Our skilled HVAC technicians carefully measure the required CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) for every home to ensure the correct ducting size and connections are met. The CFM measures how much air your AC system can produce per minute, which can be determined after the BTU (British Thermal Units) requirements for the room are calculated.

Correctly sized ductwork provides peak comfort levels and air distribution throughout your home. Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or a cold winter night, your ductwork needs to be installed and maintained with the highest quality. Having an HVAC system that’s broken down during extreme weather conditions can be very stressful, so it’s best to have a professional install and maintain your ductwork to help keep your system from undergoing unnecessary strain from inhibited airflow.

At A#1 Air, we focus highly on providing quality AC installations that are unmatched. Ductwork installation is no exception, and we highly recommend regular cleaning of your ducts as well. Please contact our professionals today for any ductwork needs you may have. We’re ready to help you, give us a call.

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