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Plumbing Tips: What NOT to flush

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The toilet is a modern convenience that we all use on a daily basis. Every home in America has at least one, and it has become such an important part of our daily routine that we take it for granted. Unfortunately, some people use the toilet for more than just human waste. Many people even use it as a trashcan. If you are guilty of flushing things other than toilet tissue and human waste you might have some expensive plumbing problems hiding just under the surface.

Here is a list of things that you should NOT flush down the toilet.

  • Cat litter: Even if it says it’s flushable, don’t do it. Cat litter is hard on your plumbing system and difficult to dissolve. Plus, it lingers in the pipes. Instead of flushing, put cat litter in disposable plastic bags and take it to the trash.
  • Disposable diapers: Just because these are typically filled with human waste, it does not mean that they should go down the toilet. They are filled with absorptive chemicals that swell up and expand when filled with water. These are unlikely to even make it down the toilet but if they do, they’ll get caught up in the u-bend of the pipe.
  • Feminine products: It may seem convenient to just toss them in the toilet, but tampons and sanitary pads can easily get trapped deep in the pipes of your plumbing system and cause major clogs.
  • Any kind of wipes: Again, just because it says “flushable” does not mean it’s okay to flush. These types of wipes do not break down easily like toilet tissues do, and can cause costly clogs.
  • Dental floss: Not only is it not degradable, it can wrap around other objects, causing clogs and making existing clogs worse.
  • Cotton balls/Q-Tips: Cotton absorbs water well and does not break down easily. That means bad news for your plumbing.
  • Food or grease: Grease is not water-soluble and will congeal and clog your pipes when it cools down. To properly dispose of grease, dump it in a trash can or into a glass jar.
  • Paper towels: As with disposable wipes, paper towels are not made to dissolve like toilet tissue is. Throwing paper towels in the toilet will eventually lead to clogs.
  • Plastic products: Plastic is another material that does not break down. Band-aids, packaging, and anything else made of plastic is sure to cause clogs in your plumbing system.
  • Gum: Gum can get stuck inside your pipes and build up over time. Since water can’t dissolve gum easily, you’ll be stuck with a clog.

Following these suggestions will hopefully keep you from experiencing clogs in your plumbing system. However, clogs can still happen no matter how careful you are. If you do experience plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to call the pros at A#1 Air.

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