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Is it time to replace my toilet?

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Although your toilet is probably something you use frequently, it’s not really something you think about often until something goes wrong. Just like all the other things in your home, eventually your toilet wears out from daily use and needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that it’s time for an upgrade or replacement.

Aged Toilet

If you have an older toilet, it might be time to consider a replacement regardless of whether it seems to be functioning properly or not. Newer toilets are more efficient than the older ones and may help save you money on your water bill. In fact, the new regulations on toilets manufactured after 1994 require toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, and some newer models use even less. If your toilet is older than 1994, it might be time to replace it.

Cracks in the Tank

If you see puddles of water around the base of your toilet, it could potentially be more than a simple leak. Check the bowl for cracks in the porcelain. Even if everything else seems to be functioning correctly (flushing, no clogs, not running) a leaking bowl can waste water, lead to water damage to the floor over time, and promote mold and mildew. A good test if you aren’t sure if the water is coming from a crack, is to place dye in the water of the tank or bowl and see if the dye makes it to the floor.

Wobbly Toilet

A toilet that wobbles or rocks can be a simple matter of tightening some bolts. However, it could also mean that your toilet is leaking and the floor under the toilet has water damage or is rotting. Have a plumber assess the situation. They can tell you if you have bigger problems.

Constant Clogging

Clogs can be a nightmare to deal with. While the occasional clog is normal for most toilets, if your toilet seems to be constantly clogging or if the clogs seem random or odd, it might be time for an upgrade. Some older models of low-flush toilets don’t always get the job done. If you want to keep the savings benefits from a low-flush toilet, but not deal with the clogging issue, it’s time to hang up the plunger and invest in a newer low-flush model. With modern technology, the new low-flush toilets are made a lot better and are more effective than they used to be.

While the occasional clog is normal for most toilets, if your toilet seems to be constantly clogging or if the clogs seem random or odd, it might be time for an upgrade.

Excessive Repairs

Plumbing repairs can get expensive, and your toilet shouldn’t have to be constantly repaired. If you’ve had to call a plumber out to fix your toilet more than a few times in the past few years, it's probably time to get it replaced. It could help save you money in the long run.

Inefficient Flushing

High water bills can be frustrating. Older toilets use 3 to 5 gallons of water with each flush and if you have a large family that can really add up. Investing in a new low-flush, water-efficient toilet can help reduce your water bill.

Cosmetic Issues

Some older toilets are just ugly. If your toilet has chips, surface damage, calcium buildup, scratches, etc, you may want to replace it for cosmetic reasons. Toilets with excessive scratches can be harder to clean as well and if you find yourself constantly cleaning your toilet, investing in a new one can save you some elbow grease.

Round Bowl

This isn’t really an issue that has to be addressed as there is nothing drastically wrong with having a round bowl. However, replacing it with an elongated model is something worth considering. Elongated models tend to be more comfortable because they allow for more seating room and they usually stay cleaner. However, if you have a small space in your bathroom, your choices may be more limited to a round bowl as elongated bowls are bigger.

No matter the reason for replacing your toilet, the A#1 Air Plumbing Pros can help you find the best choice for your home.

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