Inside the A#1 Air Air Conditioning Install with James, Owner of A#1 Air

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We have the best installers in the business and they do everything right the first time.

At A#1 Air, our installers are the backbone of our company.  They are the hardest working members of the A#1 Air family.  Facing high temperatures, freezing cold and cramped dark spaces are just part of the daily grind.  With extensive in-house training from the top professionals in the industry, there's not an install these crews can't handle.

"We have a full-time, year round, training facility and we are constantly doing training on new equipment and sharing best practices." says James, owner of A#1 Air.  "Our install crews are highly experienced, they perform more installs in a year than they would working 5 years at any other company." This experience and exposure to all types of installs, big and small, allows us to be the authority on installs done right.

At A#1 Air we treat our customers like family and I want the experience in their home to be the same experience that I would have in my own home.

Our company was founded on the promise Guaranteed Right, Day or Night! What "right" means to us is doing things right the first time, keeping our customers happy. and standing behind our work.  We only carry the best products in the industry, with the lowest failure rates, so our customers wont have any headaches. Our people take this promise to heart by attending training, working hard and delivering excellent service with a smile--no matter how hot or cold it might be.

Most of our installs, we begin in the morning and we are done in the afternoon.  With our same day service, you can go back to being comfortable as soon as possible. We have a fully stocked warehouse and parts runners, so our crews have the support they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Every install is different and built around the unique needs of each family's home.  Our high efficiency air-conditioning systems are designed to give your family comfort and energy savings for the long haul.  We design, install and maintain our systems so that they perform their best for the lifetime of the system.   With our extended warranties and flexible financing, you can have peace of mind that we have you covered.

If your home's air-conditioning system is in need of replacement, schedule a free estimate or check out our current specials.


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