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Zoned Temperature Control Systems

This room is too hot. This room is too cold.  This room is just right!  If you’re living like Goldilocks in your own home (minus the three bears, of course), you may need some help.  Imagine having the incredible ability to control the temperature for different areas of your home.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Fortunately for you, there is a solution that will help bring endless comfort to every room and floor in your home.  Zone Temperature Control systems give you true climate control and allow you to create your ideal living environment.  Let’s learn more about zone temperature control and how you will benefit from these systems.

What is Zone Control?

A zone control system is usually comprised of dampers, a control panel, and a thermostat for each zone.  A zone is a room or group of rooms (first floor, second floor, etc.) that are heated or cooled separately.  This is something that you may determine, as you may notice consistent temperature differences in certain rooms in your home.  Of course, you may also consult a professional to help you establish the temperature zones in your home as well.

How Does Zone Control Work?

Zone control systems are very simple.  The zone control panel communicates with your thermostat(s) and is installed within your heating and cooling system to control the dampers.  The dampers are flaps that are installed inside your ductwork, and are used to direct airflow to each zone.

Control Damper

Zone Control Damper: Photo Courtesy of Zone First

The zone control panel opens and closes the dampers to accommodate the heating or cooling needs for each room.

Zone Control Panel

Zone Control Panel - Courtesy of Honeywell

Have you ever been in the car with the A/C blasting, and you shut one or two of the vents?  The dampers in a zone control system are similar, in that the air has stopped flowing into your face, and is now blasting the other passengers.

Life Without Zone Control

You have a two story house and it’s in the middle of a hot summer day.  The first floor is cool and comfortable, providing a refreshing escape from the brutal heat.  Upstairs is a completely different story.  As you ascend your staircase, you immediately feel a drastic temperature difference. Heat rises, and the second story of your home is literally taking the heat during the daytime hours.  With nearly half of your home being uninhabitable during the day, you might as well forget about the second story completely.

Life With Zone Control

Now, imagine the same setting.  Blistering hot summer day, two story home, and a much needed retreat from the heat.  This time, your home is equipped with zone control.  On each floor of your home, you will have a thermostat.  The first floor feels great, but the second floor is just starting to feel a little bit warm.  This is when the magic happens.  As the second floor becomes warm enough, the zone control system will allow you to direct airflow to the much warmer upper floor.  This process helps keep your home’s temperature balanced, creating an indisputably comfortable home that is consistent throughout.

Now, you may be thinking, “Why would I want to have multiple thermostats in my home?”  Having one thermostat in your home makes as much sense as having a single light switch to control every room in your house.  Your thermostat only detects the environment directly around it, which can cause inconsistent temperatures throughout your home.  If you have a large one story home or home with multiple floors, please put that fact into consideration when you are dealing with your heating and cooling systems.  A thermostat in each established zone of your home will give you the most control over the climate and your comfort.

Having one thermostat in your home makes as much sense as having a single light switch to control every room in your house.

Zone Control For All Shapes and Sizes

You don't need to have a large house with multiple stories to enjoy the benefits of zone control in your home.  If you own a one story home, you can designate different rooms as zones for climate control.  For example, you can have your master bedroom designated as a zone, giving you the ability to precisely control the comfort of your sleeping environment.  You could also turn your home office space into a zone, so you can keep yourself comfortable and fully focused on your work.  If you have any additions to your home, like an added living space or sunroom, you can designate that space as a zone as well.  The possibilities are as endless as the comfort you'll get from a zone control system!

Your home is your refuge for relaxation, and it should stay that way from season to season.  If you are having issues with inconsistent heating or cooling across your home, then zone control is the exact solution to your problem.  For more information about zone control systems, please contact our experts.

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