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An Open Thank You Letter To Our A#1 Air Family

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The other day I was in my office, going through my mail and in the stack a bright, colorful envelope grabbed my attention.  I opened it immediately and inside was a Thank You card. The card was from a family that has been a customer of A#1 Air for over 20 years.  With this customer in particular, we have been through 3 homes, 2 small businesses and 2 of their children's homes (now grown).   When I read this card, it really touched my heart, and it caused me to reflect back on everything I am grateful for.

This card reminded me just how awesome my A#1 Air family is, and how lucky I am to have a group of customers and employees that care about one another as much as ours do. Because I love our A#1 Air Family so much, I’ve decided to thank all our awesome customers & employees, and share what makes them so amazing!

To our Customers, thank you for letting us treat you like family. For the last 25 years, it’s been our pleasure! Your comfort is our #1 priority and we thank you for giving us a chance.  You've allowed us into your home and you've trusted us with your family's comfort and we are forever grateful.  New and longtime customers, we know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to home services, but we promise to always treat your home like it is our own.  We love the communities we serve and we are happy you are part of that community.  Thank you.

To our Employees, you are our family. Last week, I glanced out of my office window, and caught a group of employees heading home for the weekend.  This group of employees were laughing and talking, this must have carried on in the parking lot for almost an hour. Finally, they all hugged, said goodbye and drove away. It was just a normal day, but days that end in group hugs are the best and remind me that we really are like family.

With every new hire, wedding and baby shower our family grows. Through unfortunate health or the loss of a loved one, we come together and we still grow stronger. Thank you for working hard and all that you do every day, and night. We are in the business of Comfort, but the jobs we do can be far from comfortable. Thank you for beating the heat, braving the cold and doing it all with a smile. Most of all, thank you for being you! Without you, we wouldn’t be who we are or even dream of who we hope to be.


A special Thank You to our employee’s families, you are our family too. Thank you for understanding that when temps are hot or cold, that means our days are long.  We know family time is precious and we are thankful your family member has chosen to spend their working hours with us. We promise to treat them right, day or night.

Thank you to my husband James. I'm so thankful to work side by side with you, not many couples could or would want to withstand that.  From the beginning, we've depended on each other and you have never let me down. Thank you for building this wonderful company with me and giving me so many reasons to love going to work!

After 25 years, thank you for allowing me to say Thank You! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, surrounded by all the things that you are thankful for!





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Sherry Green
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